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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  December 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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mostly sunny skies. you can see the clouds coming in from the south and west and they're a little bit thick as you get from charlottesville down toward roanoke and richmond and down in the carolinas. around here, it is cold. 19 now, culpepper, manassas. it is 23 at andrews, la plata and in andrewsburg -- and in fredericksburg. high temperatures later on, they'll be in the mid to the upper 40s, main 50s down toward cambridge and tappahannock and culpepper. monika samtani, happy monday to you. >> yes, it is a happy monday. that's because you know, other than some icy patches which is definitely a concern, other than that, no big deals to worry about around town. i'm going to first of all show you what it looks like if you're planning to head on to 95 northbound, no problems from richmond into fredericksburg and springfield. we'll take a live look in springfield, you'll find the lanes open and no worries for you to be concerned with as you head up toward the beltway.
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i'm distracted. we're moving the set around this morning. thank you, howard. no problems to report in springfield. let's take a live look. heading up toward the beltway, this is what it looks like on duke street. a last look at a map coming in from the west side of town. we're looking good on the dulles toll road, 66, route 7 and route 123 through tysons as well. coming up in my next report, we'll take a look into maryland at 5:10. mike and andrea? >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell will be among thousands attending a funeral service for a virginia tech police officer deriek crouse this morning. >> he was shot and killed during a traffic stop on campus last thursday. surae chinn joins us from the satellite center with a look ahead at today's funeral service. good morning, surae. >> good morning. this will be a somber day ahead and you know, it has continued throughout the weekend. we're expecting thousands of people. the funeral is set for 2:00 this afternoon at castle coliseum on the virginia tech
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campus. again, thousands and thousands are expected, a huge contingency of police officers from the commonwealth and across the country. any funeral with a fallen officer, you can expect that, again, this is a head of a vigil on campus. a wake yesterday for 39-year- old fallen virginia tech police officer deriek crouse. he was gunned down thursday in what appears to be an unprovoked attack. police say the shooter, 22- year-old part-time student ross ashley gunned down the officer while he made a routine traffic stop and ashley turned the gun on himself. crouse's wife told the roanoke times over the weekend that they exchanged text messages only an hour before the shooting hand and that their family is shattered. >> the only thing that would bring closure is to know why. >> i can't even wrap my mind around that. i can't understand the concept of why someone would want to walk up and shoot a police officer for no apparent reason.
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>> crouse served an 18-month tour of duty in iraq. crouse leaves behind a 16-year- old son and four stepsons. mike, andrea? >> surae chinn live in our satellite center this morning. later this morning, we should learn more about a suspect who held police at bay and a family for hours in northwest d.c. u.s. park police say this started when a man refused to pull over for a traffic stop. one officer suffered minor injuries, struggling with the suspect. authorities say the man ran into a home along first and gallatin northwest. six children and five adults were inside at the time. we spoke with neighbors who were forced to stay inside their homes as this whole thing unfolded. >> yeah, we couldn't leave the house. there were helicopters flying around. she was directly across the street from our house. >> the suspect eventually gave up and the family was allowed to return home. no one was hurt in this. a virginia teenager is home this morning after he was held captive in the philippines for
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five months. 14-year-old kevin lunnsmen were abducted in july while they were on vacation with relatives. the lynchburg area teen was released in the philippines over the weekend. his mother was freed two months ago. a cousin who is filipino escaped last month. their captives had called the virginia relative with a ransom demand. authorities refuse to say if a ransom was indeed paid. >> time for another "your money" report. jessica doyle is off. i think you pronounce it etad airways is buying ten more of boeing 787 planes. >> it will make the airline the largest customer for the boeing jet. it announced it is ordering two boeing 777 cargo planes. chicago-based boeing says the deal is worth about $2.8 billion. it is bankrolled by the oil rich government of abu dhabi.
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well, everyone enjoys a little pampering during the holiday season, right? pet owners want their four legged family members to do the same. the american pet productions association says despite a shaky economy, americans will spend a record $50 billion on their pets this year, andrea. that includes tuxedos, just kidding and spas for your pets where your pooch can be treated to a blueberry facial. pet owners say the money just doesn't matter. >> he basically gets whatever he wants. why not. he's so cute. why not spoil him. >> their companions, they're best friends, they give unconditional love. they're always there for people. >> the american pet products association says pet owners are also spending about $400 or even more for the perfect pet funeral when your pet passes away. >> does your dog have sweaters? >> our daughter sends the
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clothes, little designer things. they do wear them. yes. you've seen them. aren't they cute? you understand why we do this. >> it is a huge business. >> yes, it is. >> coming up next, president obama makes his case for a second term. he does it in an exclusive interview on "60 minutes." >> it is safe to assume any redskins fan grounded in reality didn't think for a moment -- main for a moment -- the team would win against the patriots. it was a respectable showing nonetheless. we'll show you everything later in sports.
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5:08 on this cold monday morning. good news is the winds are very, very light. not really much of a wind chill. it is plenty cold. our day planner called for sunshine. mixed in with a few clouds at times, especially this morning. mid-30s by 9:00. low 40s at noon. winds are south to southeast at about 5 miles per hour. with highs in the mid to the upper 40s. 5:00 p.m. temperature, 43. we will have somewhat of a warming trend. i'll let you know when that is going to happen when i see you in the next five minutes. let's go to monika samtani for an update on time save err
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traffic. >> thanks, howard. canal road between chain bridge and fox hall road, there have been icy patches overnight. salt trucks should be finishing up soon. we'll take you to a live look at the american legion bridge on the west side of town. no problems crossing the river here between tysons and bethesda. coming up, we'll take a closer look into maryland at 5:20. >> thank you, monika. last night, president obama made his case for re-election. >> he defended his economic policies in an exclusive interview on "60 minutes." randall pinkston has more. >> reporter: president obama says he deserves to be re- elected based on the accomplishments of his administration. >> not only saving this country from a great depression, not only saving the auto industry, but putting in place a system in which we're going to start lowering healthcare costs. >> a new cbs news poll shows the president is vulnerable. 54% of those polled say he doesn't deserve another term in office. the biggest issue is getting the economy back on track.
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on "60 minutes," president obama said he doesn't think the republicans have the solution. >> do they think that cutting taxes further, including on the wealthy, cutting taxes on corporations, gutting regulations do we think that that is going to be somehow more successful? i don't think american people believe that's going to work. >> 68% of those surveyed say president obama hasn't made real progress either. he admits americans are frustrated by high unemployment but defends his policies. >> we did all of the right things to prevent a great depression and to get the economy growing again and to get job creation growing again. >> president obama says it may take more than one term and main more than one president to turn the economy around. >> you think you might have the unemployment rate down to 8% by the time the election rolls around? >> i think it is possible.
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>> if that rate doesn't drop, the president's opponents are likely to use it to try to defeat him in november. randall pinkston, cbs news. >> the president insists he did not oversell what he could accomplish in his first four years but he says he has struggled partly because of all of the bickering on capitol hill. >> our time is 5:11. howard is back with your back to work forecast. >> plus, we'll have answers from today's question of the morning. they're pretty clever. [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:14 on this monday morning. howard is here and the tie is says it all. snow someplace else, not on the roadways. we have problems out there for early morning commuters. >> it is really cold. >> it went down a little bit. >> the thing, not just the frost around here but the ground is so saturated, some areas, come across a spot on the road that is wet. when temperatures are down in the upper 20s, that is not good. we had problems on the clara barton parkway. monika was reporting on that. it should be back open. bought there will be a few spots that may creep up on you.
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take it easy this morning. here is our bus stop forecast. we've got temperatures as i said isolated in the upper teens. most bus stop temps will be between 22 and 32. look at the sunrise. not until 7:17. still a couple more hours of darkness. there are a few clouds mixing in from the south and southwest this morning. mid-30s by 9:00. by noon, 40. look, light winds, reported calm on our computer model. they could be up to 5 miles per hour or so. mid-40s. 44 with the 3:00 temperature of 45. highs today, mid to upper 40s. the lucky ones, there won't be many but the lucky ones will hit the 50 degree mark. 30 in town. 22 in charlottesville. 19 in cumberland. even norfolk, that's about the only warm spot out there relatively speaking in the mid- 40s. down to 21 in laurel. 23 in columbia. there are the teens i was talking about out to the west of us. 18 and 19.
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22 in great falls. down south, alexandria this morning at 24 degrees. officially, reagan national, 30. with clear skies, light northeast wind and the barometer very high and starting to fall off a little bit. at 30.59. we have high pressure in control. and some cold air here. the colder temps, there's nothing horribly cold about this. this is normal stuff for december. 14 in casper. 17 in bismarck. the zero, the subzero air until you get well north into central canada and the jet stream has been such this la nina pattern, we've got one branch of the jet going up here. the other branch coming across the southwest with some showers in phoenix. southern new mexico. see some showers in texas and also it is firing here across parts of florida. and georgia into the carolinas. that rain is going to stay well south of us. some of the clouds may have been streaming on top of us this morning. these are generally high, thin clouds. everything works out, we'll have a gorgeous sunrise around
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here in the next couple of hours with the thin clouds. today, our future cast, hey, we're going to have the clouds and precip staying well to the south and east of us. we'll stay dry here. we'll look toward 5:00 this afternoon, main a few more clouds down toward the northern neck, southern maryland, the eastern shore, most of us will be mostly to partly sunny. tonight, clear and chilly again. we head into the day on tuesday. a few light sprinkles there across parts of the tennessee valley. for us in washington, again, another quiet mostly sunny day. we get into tuesday evening, a few clouds start to get into the mountains here, main light snow showers by wednesday morning. places like erie and jamestown, new york. even through the middle of the week, our weather will be relatively quiet. and we'll take that. hopefully cold enough at night. they're making snow at the ski areas and this weekend, a lot of them will be opening. 47 this afternoon. tonight, back in the 20s and 30s. tomorrow, 52.
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by wednesday, still on the cool side. the average high is 48. we'll be doing better than that at 53 on wednesday. thursday, 58. increasing clouds, showers possible late as a cold front approaches. that front won't do much friday, 54. by saturday and sunday, temperatures knocked down into the mid-40s. 5:17. we'll go over to monika samtani now. you're very happy this monday morning. >> i'm very happy. my daughter is coming home from college. it is the season when the family gets together. i really like that. >> good for you. >> it is a good feeling. it is a good feeling even though it is monday morning and you have to head out to work. there are no major problems with the exception of the icy spots. i would still give yourself a little extra time to deal with that. here's what it looks like on 95 coming down from baltimore, the bw park which looking good. no problems. coming down from route 198 to the beltway. we'll take a look at the beltway at university boulevard. no problems here in silver spring looking good all the way
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down over to 270 and the american legion bridge. we'll go south of town at route 4 pennsylvania avenue. looking good here as well near andrews air force base down toward oxon hill, the wilson bridge and alexandria and springfield. coming up, we'll go into virginia at 5:26. mike and andrea? >> a school bus driver in tacoma, washington is on leave now after being caught on tape apparently falling asleep behind the wheel. >> this happened when the bus was full of high school students about ten minutes into the route when surveillance video shows the driver starting to nod off. fortunately, a boy you see coming up in the second row of seats was able to wake him as the bus was veering off the highway. >> thank god he was paying attention and acted the way he did. because i don't want to think about what would happen. >> the driver is now on administrative leave pending an investigation. school administrators say the 65-year-old man has driven for the district for eight years and until now, has had a
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spotless driving record. >> great reaction time by that senior. let's take another look at the question of the day before we go to break. one of these things makes it more likely for you to argue with your spouse when you're on vacation. is it a, dieting. b, refusing to ask for directions or c, lack of sleep? >> this is a response you posted on the page. this is ken mcdade who wrote dieting on vacation? no way! refusing to ask directions? nope. you're on vacation, not heading to an appointment. i say c, that i can believe on vacation. >> leave your response on our page and we'll reveal the answer coming up in our 6:00 hour. we're back with your weather first in two minutes.
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it is 5:23. a cold morning out there. got the gloves, the got the 180s. we'll have a few high clouds mixing in from time to time. call it clear to partly cloudy. 9:00 temperatures in the low to mid-30s still. thankfully, the winds are fairly light. we'll go through the noon hour. could see a few thicker clouds well south and east of town. this afternoon, mid to upper 40s. main even near 50 down toward tappahannock. highs should be around 47, main 48. milder days to come though before the week is out. more on that coming up.
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>> announcer: and now, 9 sports with dave owens, the best sports in town. >> well, good morning, everybody. i thinks most people analyzing yesterday's game including me got caught up look at the patriots offense. what we didn't consider is how bad the patriots defense is. yesterday, they would need to exploit the group and they did for the most part. although it didn't begin well. rex grossman's holding on to the ball way too long. gets grilled from lined by carter. sack fumble. 7-0. give rex and the offense credit. they bounce back. season high, 463. grossman threw two touchdown passes. that one there, to david anderson. what about brady? two to big ole tight end. redskins made them work for it. at times, brady was a little out of sync. redskins with a chance to tie
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it. grossman, no. new england slips out of town. 34-27 win. >> overall, i was pleased with the effort, obviously, pleased with not being able to -- displeased with not being able to finish it. >> it is so disappointing. that we had our chances to win. we didn't get it done. >> all right. that's a quick look at your morning sports. we've got full coverage of the redskins a day after the 34-27 loss starting at 50:00 this afternoon. i'm dave owens, have a great morning. >> good morning, everybody. i'm monika samtani in the traffic center taking a live look in springfield. traffic still moving well coming up from the occoquan river to this point up to the beltway and on to 395 and the 14th street bridge. more on virginia roadways coming up at 5:31.
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we'll be right back.
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good morning and welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. happy monday. >> glad you're here. i'm mike hydeck. i can't get enough of the nfl this year. absolutely fantastic. >> did you watch the bears? you awatched the broncos game. >> he watched the bears game. >> it was fun. >> let the saints go in. they're marching on. >> they're a great team, too. >> yes, they are. >> it was fun watching -- the packers game was almost boring with just another touchdown and rogers brilliant again. >> our weather was kind of boring in a nice way. chilly. highs were in the low 40s. average high is 48. we were below average yesterday. we are going to get above average here. not by much. above average as we head through the next few days. today, right about where we
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should be. right now, it is 30. 36 by 9:00. a few clouds mixing in. high, thin clouds mixing in today with a 42 at noon and 5:00 p.m. temperature of 43 degrees. again, looking for a high of about 47 or so. clouds we're looking at. you can see them there. high, thin ones coming in. little bit thicker down here. i spoke to charlie in catlet. we expected that. we'll get a nice sunrise. manassas, 18. martinsburg and frederick. it is 27 in fredericksburg. 23 la plata. on the bay, 32 in annapolis. high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s. 47 at pax river. 48 in leesburg. 47 here in washington. a cold morning, some slick spots on the roads. here's monika samtani with more. >> for example, the slick spot that we were talking about all morning long was canal road between chain bridge and fox hall road.
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i know salt and sand trucks did their work there overnight. you should be good to go there. 95 is doing well. no big incidents from the occoquan river. we'll take a live look in springfield near the robinson terminal as you head up toward annandale, 66, no problems up to the american legion bridge. we'll take a live look at 395 leaving the beltway. here past duke street, the volume, you're used to that. no problems to the 14th street bridge. we'll take a last look at a map coming in from the west on 66. no problems to report. again, 395 to the 14th street bridge, the roosevelt bridge, all of the area roadways look great. we'll go into maryland at 5:41. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell will be among thousands attending a funeral service for a virginia tech police officer deriek crouse. >> he was shot and killed during a traffic stop on campus last thursday. surae chinn joins us from the satellite center with a look ahead at today's funeral service. surae?
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>> this will be a tough day on campus. the funeral is set for 2:00 this afternoon on campus at capital coliseum. the widow of the officer, tina crouse has said their family is devastated. they're shattered. the law enforcement family also devastated. they're in mourning and so is the hokey nation. they'll be gathering this afternoon because of tragedy. they'll be honoring the life of virginia tech police officer 39-year-old deriek crouse. the funeral will be held this afternoon and besides governor bob mcdonnell and other political leaders will be in attendance, so will a large lesion of officers, faculty, staff and students gathered for a vigil on the drill field. thursday's event reminded students of the terror of the 2007 massacre but also of coming together. >> i'm proud of everyone that showed up. i'm proud i live in a community where everyone comes out and they support each other and everyone is there for each other. >> part of the family.
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tragedy hurts anybody. you feel like it is in you to go help them. >> reporter: and officers and investigators are trying to figure out a motive. they don't know why 22-year-old ross ashley gunned down officer crouse. back to you. >> thanks, surae chinn live in the satellite center this morning. well, former penn state head coach joe paterno is back in the hospital now. >> the 84-year-old paterno fractured his pelvis after a fall at home. he's being treated for lung cancer. he was fired last month in the wake of the sexual abuse allegations against his former assistant coach jerry sandusky. >> sandusky now free on $250,000 bond wearing an ankle brace let will face his alleged victims in court tuesday on a preliminary hearing. he was arrested again after two more victims have come forward. sandusky continues to maintain his innocence. >> he's still missing and
5:34 am
sunday, family, friends and coworkers held a vigil for the wssc employee charles duckett. he disappeared while he was on a managed deer hunt in the watershed december 2nd. duckett's boat was discovered but no sign of the 35-year-old. >> we want to find my brother. we'll do whatever we have to do to find him. wssb has been great with the search in trying to do everything that they can possibly do to find him. we won't give up. we want to know if he's out here here. >> he has been sanitation employee for seven years now. he's married with three children. five juveniles are hospitalized after allegedly stealing a jeep and crashing it into a pole. police say the driver was the youngest of the five, just 12 years old. the oldest, a 15-year-old girl.
5:35 am
police say the youth crashed the stolen jeep cherokee into a pole at naylor road just after noon on sunday. all five were taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. the 12-year-old boy is facing charges related to the stolen car and the crash. a 23-year-old man is under arrest for a car jacking in bethesda. this actually happened last wednesday. police say 23-year-old andrew robertson, a female companion, forced the cab driver to take them and several friends to the target store in rockville. the couple went shopping then flagged a second cab when they were finished. they were caught on store surveillance video. roberts was arrested friday. police are still searching for his accomplice. >> time for another "your money" report and jessica is off today. >> here's alexis christoforous with today's business headlines. >> the stock market will try to extend last week's big rally. investors were encouraged by developments in europe and more
5:36 am
signs that the u.s. economy is slowly improving. consumer sentiment jumped to a six-month high and the u.s. trade gap narrowed in october. that means more u.s. businesses and consumers bought goods and services that were made in america. the dow climbed 186 points up nearly 1.5% for the week. the nasdaq rallied 50 points on friday, up about 1% for the week. the federal reserve meets this week. policymakers are expected to leave interest rates steady on signs the economic recovery is taking hold. also expect reports on november retail sales and inflation. another internet company will make its stock market debut this week. the online game company zynga plans to raise a billion dollars with its initial public stock offering. it seems no property is immune to the real estate downturn. not even the white house. zillow, the online real estate market place values the president's mansion at 1600 pennsylvania avenue at a little
5:37 am
over $263 million. a drop of $350,000 in just the past month. but don't get any ideas, the white house is not for sale. that's your money watch. for more, head to at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. >> our time is 5:37. we have a quick look at the forecast. plus, hitch a ride to the north pole with a special group of children. >> later, see how this new atheist display set to kick off in loudoun county is already causing controversy.
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few high clouds out there today. we start in the teens and 20s. 36 by 9:00. by noon, 42. 3:00, 45. highs today at about 47. look at the winds light southerly winds 5 miles per hour or less. i'll be inside in about five minutes. we'll talk about some milder temperatures but right now, talking about the morning traffic with my friend, monika. >> thank you so much, howard. good morning, everybody. on the inbound side of i-66, an accident reported at haymarket. here's 9 a at the fairfax county parkway. another accident before quantico. that's in the left lane. more on what's going on on area roadways coming up at 5:50. back to you. dozens of children from local hospices go at trip to the north pole to see santa.
5:41 am
>> they were greeted by santa and mrs. claus after a fantasy flight to the north pole. the annual event is put together by united airlines volunteers. after checking in at dulles airport, the children boarded the 30-minute fantasy flight to visit santa and his elves. in addition to the visit, there were arts and crafts and face painting. transportation secretary ray lahood, members of the redskins and caps were there as well as several disney characters all to help make this a day of fun for the kids. >> all right. time for a break. before we do that, let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. come on down. the former price is right host bob barker turns 88. dionne warwick turns 71 today. >> sheila e is 54. oscar winning actress jennifer connelly celebrates birthday number 41 today. >> you'll remember her from, the big bang theory. may imby alic is 36.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. you're going to get the cold slap in the face from mother nature when you walk outdoors. >> we have teens in spots. lots of frosty windows. we've had some roads, monika will be up in a minute. they have a little bit of ice, not because we've had any precip. the ground is so saturated, water still seeps out in spots and will run across the road. we've been seeing that with the cold temperatures we've been having. this morning at the bus stop, bundle up, people. low 20s to low 30s. there will be one or two spots holding main 19 for another -- maybe 19. clear to partly cloudy. a lot of high, thin clouds are starting to show up from d.c.
5:46 am
points south and east. that will be the case today with mid-30s at 9:00. low 40s at noon. light southerly to southeast winds at about 5 miles per hour or less. then this afternoon, at 5:00, 43. i'm expecting highs today mid to upper 40s. a couple of spots. might just hit 50. a better chance for 50 as we head to tomorrow. today, a cold start to the day and the week. at times, we'll be a little bit better than yesterday's 43. main about 47. dry and milder tomorrow and wednesday. highs both days between 50 and 55. as we head toward thursday, milder. upper 50s with some showers possible late thursday into thursday night and might linger into friday morning. but once this front pushes through, the weekend, another good-looking weekend. one on the chilly side. 30 in town. 23 up in baltimore. some teens from winchester, cumberland is at 19. culpepper is at 19. got 28 down in southern maryland now at pax river and fredericksburg at 27.
5:47 am
very light winds, i'm not going to both with the wind chills. it feels like 26 with an air temp of 30. barometer way up there. 30.59 slowly dropping off. it is dry. dew point down to 24. nationally, things are pretty quiet. we've got showers in the southwest. right in the middle of the country. heavier rains down across the southeast. look at this in georgia and florida, lots of oranges and yellows. heavy rains southeastern georgia. the cloudiness is moving up through the carolinas and virginia and some of this is what we're dealing with this morning. spreading over the region. giving us those -- main those thin overcast, might see a hazy moon or some -- a nice, pretty sunrise this morning from that. but any real weather, any rain, snow, none of that is going to be headed toward us. clouds through midday. south and east will be thickest. we'll go through the afternoon, still a couple of clouds possible south and east. as opposed to north and west being more sunshine. tonight, generally clear, chilly night back in the 20s
5:48 am
and 30s. as we head through the day on tuesday, more quiet weather as we get up into the low 50s under partly to mostly sunny skies. by wednesday, still ok. if you're traveling out to chicago wednesday, we've got some rain here main up toward twin cities and parts of wisconsin and then western new york state. might see a few snow showers there. but our wet weather won't move in until later thursday. today, chilly, 47. light south winds. winds back in the 20s and 30s. 53 on wednesday. by thursday, here comes that front late thursday. there could be some showers late thursday, main just thursday night into early friday. still in the 50s on friday. it looks like a chillier weekend with highs saturday and sunday in the 40s. it is 5:48. monika samtani. timesaver traffic. >> it is starting to get very, very busy outside. icy conditions and accidents going on, especially in virginia. take a look here on the northbound side of i-95 where
5:49 am
there is this accident right before quantico. that one is going to slow you down. in the left lane, stay to the right to get around it. beyond that, slow traffic trying to get up toward the occoquan river and into springfield. let's take a look live outside. if you're planning to head on the beltway in prince george's county, here's what it looks like at route 4 but over after route 5, branch avenue debris as well in the right lane. the cleanup is continuing there. let's go back into virginia on the northbound side of 395 before the 14th street bridge, if we can take a live look on the vdot camera, there is an accident before the bridge span on the right side of the roadway. that will slow you down. crews just arriving on the scene there. already slowing things down trying to get up from boundary channel drive to the 14th street bridge. on the inbound side of i-66 out before haymarket, an accident as well. that one just reported. crews should be getting there shortly. beware of that as well.
5:50 am
more on everything going on around town coming up at 5:54. back to you guys. >> thank you, monica. >> funeral services will take place later today for the virginia tech campus police officer killed on the job late last week. 39-year-old deriek crouse was shot and killed thursday. a radford student, ross ashley took his own life after doing the shooting. virginia governor bob mcdonnell will be among the speakers at the service. virginia state police are still searching into motive. manuel another ag noriega is wake up in panama. it is not a happy homecoming. he arrived to begin serving three 20-year terms for murders committed during his rule. the u.s. forced noriega from power in 1989. he spent more than 20 years in prison in the united states and france for drug trafficking and money laundering. the iowa caucus is just three weeks away. the republicans vying for the president's job is trying to set themselves apart from the
5:51 am
pack. both newt gingrich and former massachusetts governor mitt romney will have events in new hampshire today. all of the candidates will be in iowa on thursday for the 13th republican debate. >> in leesburg, virginia, the controversy over holiday symbols at the courthouse not going away. >> armando trull reports there is a new atheist display that's about to go up to add more constitutional fire to the storm. >> a flying spaghetti monster is an atheist critique of conventional religions. it spoofs symbols of faith. its members call themselves past farian. >> flying spaghetti monster is a tongue in cheek satire of religion. >> the holiday display of the spaghetti monster will be gracing the front lawn of a leesburg courthouse next saturday. that has several council members riled up. >> my concern is when i looked at it online after what supervisor miller said it could be frightening to children, i agree with him depending on how big it is. >> reporter: nonsense say local
5:52 am
atheists. >> i would be stunned if anybody found the spaghetti monster scary. >> leesburg courthouse lawn has become an unlikely battleground between freedom of religion and freedom of express. it has let -- an approved display of a crucified santa claus skeleton was torn down by a woman who said it offended her christian values. so, on a beautiful sunday afternoon, the crucified santa, nowhere to be found on the cross. instead, here's what's left of him. about 100 feet away. the spa getty monster and the crucified santa will share the lawn with a christmas tree, a nativity scene, a billboard from an atheist organization and a pagan tree but if he has his way, next year will be very different. >> we can have a government- finance display which has the christmas tree, a menorah and all of the symbols of the holidays and different faiths. >> in leesburg, armando trull,
5:53 am
9news now. ok. time for a break. let's take another look at the question of the morning. before we go. one thing that makes you a little more likely to argue with your spouse when you go on vacation is what? it is one of these things according to the survey. a, going on a diet, b refusing to ask for directions or c, a lack of sleep. >> debra wrote c, lack of sleep works for me. no one in my family can live close by. we either travel out west or straight south. >> the sleep thing could be an issue there. >> leave your response. we'll reveal the answer about an hour from now. quick check of traffic. monika? >> we'll take a live look at the wilson bridge. no troubles across the bridge span. on the outer loop after branch avenue, watch out for debris cleanup. it may slow you down. coming up in my next report, a look at area roadways coming up again at 6:01. you're watching 9news now. we'll be back in a couple of
5:54 am
minutes. o o
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clear to partly cloudy. high clouds moving in especially southern and southeastern suburbs, temps in
5:57 am
the 20s, upper teens this morning. we'll go through the 9:00 hour. not showing up as well, the high clouds that will be with us mid to upper 30s in spots. low 30s in the shenandoah valley. lunchtime, sunshine again the high clouds especially south and east. a little thicker. mid-40s in easton and tappahannock to the low 40s here in d.c. as we head into the afternoon, still a decent amount of sunshine. again, some clouds mixing in especially south and east. temperatures will top out in the mid to the upper 40s. a chilly day. we've got a little bit of a warm-up headed this way. i'll have more on that coming up. right now, here's mike and andrea. >> the life and times of d.c. councilman marion barry is part of an hbo movie. >> a kung fu movie comes out tuesday. it could be the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season. >> reporter: eddie murphy may be starring in and producing a bio pic about controversial washington, d.c. mayor marion barry. spike lee has signed on to
5:58 am
direct. hbo films is developing the script. barry, you may remember, was first mayor of d.c. from 1979 to '91. in 1990, he was caught smoking crack cocaine at a hotel and went to prison for six months. >> voters re-elected him after that for another term as mayor and he's currently on the d.c. city council. the stars walked the red carpet in new york city last night for the american premiere of the adventures of tintin. steven spielberg directed the film starring jamie bell. >> i thought it was a good time over the christmas holiday for people to go and escape into this amazing, crazy, bizarre, mad-capped funny adventure. >> reporter: the adventures of tin tin opens on december 21st. >> doesn't it drive you crazy when people in theatres are stantly checking their phone or e snail now some theatres may be giving them permission to do so-called tweet seats, some theatres are allowing people to tweet if they sit in special
5:59 am
seats. apparently the theatres like the free publicity. >> i have the skills, the moves. >> if you didn't see po pack being a punch in the theatre, you can rent kung fu pan two 2 tomorrow when it comes out on dvd. >> not in the mood for martial arts, how about genetically altered chimps, also on dvd, the rise of the planet of the apes. sandra hughes. >> we're talking about seeing the planet of the apes. >> i want to seat kung fu panda. >> right now, you can see us. thank you for watching 9news now. he'll do a panda move for you. >> i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. she's got traffic momentarily. >> howard bernstein has our weather first. >> mike's not going to be flying around the set. >> no. >> weatherwise, it is cold this morning. bundle up. we have temps in the teens in spots. you park outside. ice scraper going to take you another couple


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